Sunday, April 04, 2010

Grace Pouring Forth Like a Fountain Flowing...

Let us who are afraid find refuge in Christ, and redemption assured in his name.
By day and by night we delight in your love and forever your word will reign!
Sing Allelu!

Happy Easter!

This morning I was out for my Sunday run. The streets of my city were quiet of cars, the sun was out, and the biting spring wind had quieted.

I was meditating on the concept of grace as I ran, on the wondrous fact that someone had loved broken, tired humanity enough to come rescue us. Of how suffering has come to ease suffering.

I thought of the example of grace given to us, and how when it comes to struggles with grace, I mostly struggle not in extending grace to other people, but to myself.

I am chronically not good enough. Consistently a failure.

But someone loved me enough, wanted me enough to send me to the desert to learn of grace, to show mercy to every aching, bitter part of myself. To claim every step and misstep as wonderful.

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