Sunday, April 25, 2010


My New Years resolution for 2009 was to do less and think more. I was deliberate about decisions, often choosing to make none and let whatever happened happened. After almost a year and a half of quiet in an extremely busy life changing year, I have started to unfold again.

I'm not exactly sure how to explain it - it wasn't deliberate and nothing happened that caused me to say "this is time." In much reflection, I realized that there was a gentle disassembling of myself for a few years, a quiet space in between, and perhaps now a rebuilding.

(I've been staring at clothing pattern packages to much - my drawings seem to resemble them)

My life is blooming with projects I'm working on now - I've started drawing for the first time in years, I'm slowly thrifting back all the audio equipment I sold off (and thanking my lucky stars I didn't get rid of my vinyl), and I'm finally making plans to get the songs I've written over the last ten years into something by Christmas time.

I'm rusty, my skills are shaky, and I have to relearn a lot of things, but it feels good to stretch in this direction again.

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