Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring Cure - Week 1 and Week 2- Living Room

I'm doing the spring cure along with a whole bunch of other folks who love (or loath) their houses. The Spring Cure is a 8 week home re-style courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

We live in a small apartment, with four major rooms and a hallway, so I'm going to spend two weeks on each room. We have a lot of creativity, we are short on time and funds at this point, so most of what I think I'll be able to do is work with what I already have, do a deep clean (which in and of itself does wonders!) and maybe add one or two small things.

I've taken a hint from the fabulous Ohana's list style and have decided to work mine in a similar way. I feel overwhelmed when I do a list for the whole house so I'm going to just do one room at a time, every two weeks.

Right now the living room feels very stark.

We don't have much for decor and the room feels cold (to least) because of the two blank walls. I'm hoping that when I put curtains up the space will warm up a bit but I need to find a way to finance said curtains! I have an idea in mind for curtains, I just need to make them work.

One corner of our living room is also the "office corner" which is probably the most used part of the house! It's a pretty small space for how much stuff we have and often feels quite cluttered. I'd like to work on organizing that and maybe wrapping cords.

The official AT list for week one goes something like this:
- Make a complete list of repairs and solutions. - see below!
- Vacuum and mop the floors.
- Remove one item from your apartment and put it outside.
- Buy fresh flowers. - Jon bought me tulips which the cat proceeded to eat!
- Sit for ten minutes in a part of your home that you never sit in. - sat on the bathroom counter just staring at things. That room is one I don't spend a ton of time in.
- Look into earth-friendly cleaning products. - we already do this!

My Own Living Room List:

Clean and Toss:
- Magazines
- Dust
- Vaccume
- Interior Desk Drawers
- Printer corner
- Wipe down heating unit

- Desk Drawers
- Under Desk
- Magazine box

- Coffee Table
- scratches legs of green chair
- scratches on desk

Buy (or make):
- Curtains and Curtain Rod
- Houseplants
- Lighting
- Art for over couch

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  1. Tall lamp in the corner behind the couch?

    For curtains, try checking out thrift stores (ok, so that's pretty obvious, but-) I've seen some sheets with great patterns that might do for curtains. It helps to keep it in mind.