Friday, March 19, 2010

Cure Progress...Friday Update!

Fridays and Sundays are my days off of work, so those are the days that I am probably going to be able to get the most work done around the house. I had a pretty productive day - during the day I cleaned and organized and went through things, and after JR came home from work we moved the living room furniture around.

This is the living room "in transit" with a tired JR...I put his chalk bag up there as a joke to show some solidarity with his decorating style...

We have divergent styles. I like clean, uncluttered spaces with light colors, tones and a hint of fresh modern. He loves LOUD poppy modern style with as much stuff as you can cram into the space. We've been learning to compromise (the modern furniture and splashes of BRIGHT colors are his, the whimsy is mine...)

And this is what is in the middle of our living room floor right now, getting glued back together. This is an interesting table because it was only held together by wooden pegs, and when I moved it across the country the wooden pegs all shook loose. It has a marble top that floats around and as it moves, the frame of the table would slowly slide apart. I finally broke down and had JR pick up some wood glue so I'm gluing the darn thing back together!

And lastly, my updated list...(I took out things that have been finished before this post)

The official AT list for week one goes something like this:

- Vacuum and mop the floors.
-Remove one item from your apartment and put it outside. - I overextended myself and gave away both a crockpot that I've never used but have moved to four(!) different houses, and a set of TV trays that my in-laws sent. They pretty much broke in shipping so we've never used them.

My Own Living Room List:

Clean and Toss:
- Magazines
- Dust
- Vaccume
- Interior Desk Drawers
- Printer corner
- Wipe down heating unit

- Desk Drawers
- Under Desk
- Magazine box - you wouldn't believe what I found in it - my husband's fleece hat and two samari does this stuff end up there?

- Coffee Table - I'm in the processess of doing this, it's a multi day project.
- scratches legs of green chair
- scratches on desk

Buy (or make):
- Curtains and Curtain Rod
- Houseplants
- Lighting
- Art for over couch - I used part of my vintage parasol collection for this. I hung them by string to hooks in the ceiling and it looks very much like we're in a twee little fairytale now here. I LOVE it and it makes me smile...

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  1. Love the umbrellas! Are you keeping those up? or are they going?