Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cure Progress - a Belated Friday Update!

It was quite a week here in Fort Collins - We had five people come visit us from Wisconsin so it was quite a full house! One of the things that I'm most excited about is that M, one of my house guests, taught me to knit!

Yes, you heard that right...I can knit basic things! I have tried to learn how to knit a few times over the course of my lifetime, but it hasn't ever made much sense. I always used to joke that anything with two needles was just too much. I am starting small, with a scarf, and when I am finished with that I'll start working on some socks or a hat. It's refreshing to work in a new medium because I have been strictly sewing for the last twenty years.

Despite the living room holding steady, we actually made HUGE leaps and bounds in our second bedroom, IE: The gear room. What I really want is for this room to be functional. I don't mind if it's not stored in a stylish way (which will come later...) I just don't want to have to dig a half an hour for something before I go ride or to consider it a successful dig if I've found my climbing gear in under 25 minutes.

We have a TON of money tied up in these things and if I'm never using them because I can't get to them, what point is having them? Obviously some things rotate with the seasons, for example I won't be hanging my hammock up on a 14er any time soon, but that just helps me decide what needs to be out of reach and in reach for that particular season.

We started with this:

Basically, we had somewhat organized bins, but piles of stuff everywhere. We had two kayaks sitting on top of a heater which had the potential to damage them. We had bikes lined up on one of those gravity racks, but still more bikes sitting around places. Jon's closet was a mess with wheels thrown in it and disorganized bins.

I found a gravity rack for our kayaks under 90 bucks cost at the REI outlet site so I ordered it - it came in on my day off on Friday. On my way home I stopped at Home Depot and purchased supplies to make a hanging bike rack. I didn't purchase any hooks because I assumed I had the half dozen or so sitting around from our shed in Michigan - unfortunately I only found three so not everything is hung! M and S, two of my lovely houseguests helped me do a quick redo of the gear room, including hanging the bikes and putting together the kayak rack.

Here's some sneak peaks of the partially organized room - it's still cluttered but it's a lot easier to look for things in it!

We moved a lot of the seasonal or rarely used but still want to keep things like cross country skis, huge suitcases, and bulk office supplies out of the way behind the kayaks. The bikes are being hung, library style. We want to get some storage shelves to hold the tubs at some point but finances are still tight.

This week's list is pretty short, since much of the deep cleaning was done for the guests:

- Continue to try to source old windows or doors for living room art project
- Figure out curtains for the bedroom and living room
- Finish hanging bikes on wall (we need about three more hooks...)


  1. Re: windows and doors, maybe look for dilapidated barns? I don't know if they have the type of windows you're looking for, but they'd have a kind of vintage look.

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