Sunday, November 08, 2009

When Peace Like a River Attendeth My Soul

I have had that hymn stuck in my head for the last two days. I really really believe that it's a great hymn and I'm happy it's stuck in my head.

I rode my bike for just over two hours today, at a moderate clip (for the offseason...) with some of the women from my cycling team. The weather is beautiful here - 66 degrees! I was able to ride with only a jersey and shorts - my back pockets (or "back fat" as C calls it...) were chocka full of mittens, legwarmers, armwarmers. We did stop about 45 minutes in to peel off layers!

After the ride we went out for brunch, which was nice and relaxing and felt nice to eat after spending time on the bike with only a smoothie for breakfast! I had a 'mediteranian" Omlette with black beans and fetta cheese (why that is mediteranian, I don't know...but it was good none the less!) I handed my toast over to C and on her coaxing took the hasbrowns home. I'm not sure if I'll ever eat them, but we'll see!

After brunch I went to the Co-op while I was in AA and picked up some things I've been meaning to get and restocked my fridge with veggies. I was down to JUST broccoli!!! How did I let that happen?!?

When I am eating on my own I do pretty well healthwise. It's when I'm with JR and we have to stock up on quantity, not so much quality, I don't do so well. I can actually tell a difference in the week or so he's been gone and I've been cooking to myself. I feel more alert, awake, healthier, and like things are "working" better, biomechanically. I really need to figure out how to up the grocery budget *sigh* that's one thing I miss about my single days! And lets just put it this way: we both eat a TON because we ride a lot. The problem is that he will finish an ENTIRE meal off while I usually can cook something and it'll last at least another day. I don't want to go back though! Healthy feels so good!!

This week was my first of training for 2010, which is good. I've been waiting to start and have just been riding hooptie rides and puttering around town for fun. I can say this past year has not been so great on the bike, I've only done a handful of races, my team pretty much disolved halfway through the season since the person who was running it moved away and there wasn't an existing structure to sustain it (which I guess I later became, but that's a WHOLE 'nother post...) I got married, and I had a minor medical problem towards the end of the season that kept me off my bike for about two weeks as per doctors orders. So, in essence, I feel out of shape and am very excited to be back on the bike in a consistant manner. I'm excited to see how this season in CO shapes up. I feel like the fields will be deeper and know the races will be harder (ie not michigan flat!) so I'll be hanging around at the back of the pack for the year, but I think (know!) work will pay off.

I'm tired from riding today and a stressful week at work, so I'm going to go do what every good cyclist does...take a nap.

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  1. Your body feels so nice when you eat properly for it. I hate when I, myself, fall off my usual routine of food, my body gets all sad. Here's to hoping you can find a happy medium.