Saturday, November 14, 2009

Elizabeth By Numbers - 1 through 10

1 - number of times I have been married :)
2 - number of years I have been eating gluten free
3 - number of fully built bikes I currently own: A mountain bike, a road bike, and a commuter bike. I have lots of parts and a frame or two sitting around...but...I'm not counting them :)
4 - number of lipsticks I own: Mac's Russian Red and Ruby Woo, A random Dior Shade, and random smashbox shade. I mostly wear the russian red and the smashbox shade.
5 - number of pairs of cycling shoes I've been through: cannondale tourers (those things sucked!), Adidas mountain biking shoes (those things sucked too!) Sidi road shoes, Sidi Tri shoes, and Sidi mountain biking shoes (those three pairs do not suck and they are currently what I wear!)
6 - number of women in my wedding party, including myself!
7 - number of grandkids on my mom's side of my family - my two siblings and myself, and my four cousins.
8 - number of vitamins I take before I go to bed - 3 vitamin C's, 1 Garlic, 3 physillium husks, 1 multi vitamin. As a bonus, I also take a tablespoon of blackstrap molasses before I go to bed.
9 - number of hours I have ridden my bike this week
10 - number of pushups I can do before I flop over (on a good day...)

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