Friday, April 03, 2009


I dropped two dudes in the woods yesterday! On trails I'd never ridden before, too! As I pulled away I heard them say "Oh man, she's fast too! Hey Wait!"

Granted they were easy trails, but...that would never have happened last year ;) Something must be working!

Have you noticed that this blog is mostly a bike blog these days? I think it's official that the sport has taken over my life. Welll...what can you do.

Anyways, I have an off day so I'm using the time to clean up the house, file a stack of papers that has been sitting around, draft the budget for the next paycheck, and watch a movie that is pretty overdue to the library. I am also going to hit the hay early since I'm pretty wiped out from this past week, and the grey skies don't help! I have three hours tomorrow, which I am doing on my own since the road bike is still in the shop and there's no way I'm trying a group ride on the mountain bike. That's a bit over my head.

I'm planning on hitting the trails tomorrow AM if they are dry (things are sandy around here so they dry fast...) until I start steering into trees, and then I will switch to the road where I can wobble a lot more without crashing into foliage. If things are wet, well..I guess I go around island lake and kensington on their roads for three hours, avoiding all the triathletes that can't see me because they are SO AERO!!!!! and can't look up to avoid crashing into people.

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