Wednesday, April 29, 2009

First Races

Somehow the race season snuck up on me! All the sudden I had to pack a bag, drive to a race, race, drive, unpack, repack, sleep, drive, race, unpack, do laundry and sleep.

It all feels familiar, which is good. It's been a year and a month of racing, almost a year and two months.

I guess here's my weekend in pictures.

I have to start you off with a link since I can't save this pictures since even though it's of me it doesn't belong to me.

Here's me racing the Time Trial:

This was my first race in a 1/2/3 catagory and I got, well...frankly...I got smoked.

There were some problems with bike fit that made it one of the most miserable rides I've had in awhile as well as a cramp that happened on the second to last lap that slowed me down a bit and made me catch my breath. What I thought was a cramp was probably a strain from pushing in a bad position since it hindered Sunday's racing as well.

I was fried from Saturday's race, so I decided to race again on Sunday for fun and relaxation. Jon and I loaded up the car and did our first "family" racing event (you know the type of people that load up the car and have a good ol' time at the MTB race drinking beers and swapping tall mountain bike tales? that's us now I guess!)

Jon raced sport (Say it with me now! Sandbagger!) because he didn't have a current licence. I raced beginner (Say it with me now! Sandbagger!) because I was fried from the 1/2/3 race. He went off the line first and came in on time to see me off.

(Him so much yet!)

My race started poorly, was pretty tough in the middle and ended poorly with a glimmer of "where'd I get the energy to chase that guy down?" at the very end.

I was suffering right off the line fried from yesterday and the pulled muscles in my right leg kept nagging at any climb I had to do little bursts of power for. Ouch! I ran out of water around mile 4 of 9, which was particularily bad because they sent me out the gate at high noon, so I was racing in the worst heat of an 80 degree day. Usually I LOVE heat but the heat and coolness of spring is so sporatic that I haven't gotten a chance to get used to it. My max heart rate was 205 for this race, I think, and I'm still recouperating from the sunburn that I have from that race.

Karen, the women in second caught me and I said "congraduations" when she passed because I knew there was no way I could even hope to chase her down. Later on the podium we promised eachother another showdown in another race.

(That's me fried after the race.)

I have to say that the course was AWESOME! Despite being in a whole lot of pain I really loved the perfect loops and ups and downs and flowyness of the trail. It's pretty hilly and the decents are technical (which I am bad at...) but I was so exhausted that I just rattled my way down the hills, and back up them. I want to go there with fresh legs someday to just enjoy it and ride it at a comfortable pace. It's kind of like the Kettles in Wisco, but the hills are bigger and it's rockier.

(This is my favorite picture from the race...Jon won and, used to bigger podiums, did the victory salute and the other guys, who are random sport mountain bike racers were like "what is this guy doing?")

(Karen and I in 1 and 2...)


Here's a link to the shot of me racing. This is ALMOST indecent because my jersey was unzipped so far. Oops....

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Race Schedule for the Year

This post may become a sidebar...kind of like what's on everyone else's bike blog...but for now it's just a post :)

I have a sort of "set" schedule of races I need to be doing this season, so those are all on there, as well as ones I want to do for myself. I want to do a quarter more races this year, so that will bring the total up to 23 or 24 this year...It's not a lot...but at the same time it is a lot when you factor in travel and time and training and race entry fees and blah blah blah.

I'm a baby cat 3 this year (there, I said it...I'm a cat three...scary!) so I don't expect to do super hot in the Pro 1/2/3 fields this year but racing fast is a good way to get fast, I guess...I was doing middle to front of the road pack and winning most of the mountain bike races at the end of my season (cut short by elections and injury), but I think mountain biking comes more naturally to me than road does when I think about it. I get seriously ELATED to be in the woods riding my bike, I can't really describe it but I love mountain biking and the time flies when I'm out there...It's like all of the sudden it's 3 hours later and it's time to go home.

I will be trying track in May with the assurance and coaching of my Veteran Track dude roommate/spouse/coach/biggest fan. I will probably just go down to the track for their beginners clinics since I'm an absolute beginner at that.

You may even see me trying cross in the fall if my season is still fun by then :)

I'm missing a big chunk of July because I'm getting married then, as well...right in peak season...hah!

Okay, here is my wishlist of races, and these are subject to change.

25th - Willow TT - 10th
26th - Pontiac Lake TT (MTB) -2nd

3rd - Cone Azaila - DNF
17th - Bloomer Park XC (Can't do Kensington because of a work commitment, but I can do this MTB race) - No Dice, Traveling!
23rd - Tour of Frankenmouth
30th - West Branch Road Race OR
31st - TT on the Track (depending on how my Track abilities go...) OR
30th - 31st - some sort of MTB stage race thing right around my house at brighton. That sounds fun! - Can't do these, Traveling!

7th - Td Cedar Creek
13th and 14th - Td Mont Pleasant Crit and RR (though this may not happen, depending on how Worn out I am from the 5 successive weeks of racing...) OR
14th - XC Ruby Campground...Hmm..maybe a MTB ride to break things up a little (or maybe a break :)
20th - Allen Park Crit
21st - Wolv. State TT
26th - 28th - Superior Bike Fest OR
27th - Stony Creek marathon XC if we are not going to superior

Getting Married, Honeymooning. Don't expect to see me racing much :)

1st - Mosiac/ADA crit
7th and 8th - Hmm...qualifiers for track. I'm shooting for the moon here but who says I can't :)
9th - Hines Park TT
22nd - Milford Crit
23rd - E. Grand Rapids Crit
29th - Cherry Robaix Crit
30th - Cherry Robaix RR

5th - Trophee d Grimpeurs
7th - Debates Devos Crit (it's a monday so I have to see about work...)

Dunno...maybe cross? Maybe not? I should, but it'd be just another bike to buy...

7th - Iceman.

So that's 28 races scheduled, with some pick and choose depending on schedules/travel/what races the teams are going to do/how much I like track racing...we'll see how that goes!

Saturday, April 04, 2009

New bike Puzzle...

Oh yeah, and some of this, too:

Can you put this puzzle together?

That's the new bike :) YAY!

Friday, April 03, 2009


I dropped two dudes in the woods yesterday! On trails I'd never ridden before, too! As I pulled away I heard them say "Oh man, she's fast too! Hey Wait!"

Granted they were easy trails, but...that would never have happened last year ;) Something must be working!

Have you noticed that this blog is mostly a bike blog these days? I think it's official that the sport has taken over my life. Welll...what can you do.

Anyways, I have an off day so I'm using the time to clean up the house, file a stack of papers that has been sitting around, draft the budget for the next paycheck, and watch a movie that is pretty overdue to the library. I am also going to hit the hay early since I'm pretty wiped out from this past week, and the grey skies don't help! I have three hours tomorrow, which I am doing on my own since the road bike is still in the shop and there's no way I'm trying a group ride on the mountain bike. That's a bit over my head.

I'm planning on hitting the trails tomorrow AM if they are dry (things are sandy around here so they dry fast...) until I start steering into trees, and then I will switch to the road where I can wobble a lot more without crashing into foliage. If things are wet, well..I guess I go around island lake and kensington on their roads for three hours, avoiding all the triathletes that can't see me because they are SO AERO!!!!! and can't look up to avoid crashing into people.