Thursday, March 05, 2009

Misconceptions about Moving to Michigan

Note: this post title has a lot of alliteration!

There is a place that I drive by every so often called "Madonna university." I used to think that it was called that because you know, Madge is from Michigan, and she MUST have funded a university that not too many people knew about!

Imagine my disappointment when I learned that was not the case...I really wanted to live by a school that had a degree in cone bras and loving material goods. Bummer...

There's not a whole lot going on in life right now that's interesting - I got a library card and got a bunch of books about gardening, so I've been reading those. I'm still ignoring wedding planning even though the dates about five months out. (EEK!) We haven't sent save the dates yet but those should be out next week. I need to make a wedding checklist to hand to Jon, and maybe, just maybe, get a little farther on my dress (If I'm ever allowed to be home this would happen...).

I have been rock climbing at the indoor wall at my gym, as well. That has been super fun and I'm getting better, but my hands are being ripped apart. I was reduced to duct taping some fingers in order to climb today. I'm subbing rock climbing for my upper body instead of doing whatever exercises, and I can really feel it. An hour on the wall (and I don't just daintily climb, I like to do things like this ninja move where I jump and try to catch the holds...) leaves me feeling really exhausted and sore, with the exact same muscles aching that would usually be done in the gym.

Rock climbing is a sport that really really pushes the limits for me in a way nothing else can - I'm terrified of heights. I'm the girl that cried on a Ferris wheel because it was too high once, and had to be coaxed up the tour d'eiffle. I think it's funny that I enjoy the sport and it's strange (to this cyclist) physical challenges so much, but I don't go up much. I usually go down, around, sideways, under, and over. I am slowly working my way up though, I get a little bit higher and a little bit more comfortable with being higher every time I go. I guess you could say I'm trying to conqure my fear of heights...

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