Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow Day!

Today I went to engage myself in party politics! I got up for the Hour Drive to the convention at about six o'clock and stumbled out to my car, eyes bleary with sleep. We were expecting a rather large snowfall today, but the snowfall had not hit, and instead I was greeted with a BRILLIANT, beautiful red and pink sunset. I don't usually get up with the sunrise, so I don't get to see many (I'm trying to remedy that...) but this is certainly one of the most beautiful of the handful of sunrises I've seen.

I made it to the convention in good time, registered, and settled in for a long day of politics. We had a GREAT turnout for a day that we were expecting eight to twelve inches of snow! After taking meeting minutes for not one but two caucuses (which involved lots of furious typing and not a few shenanigans) I headed back to South Lyon. By this time, the snowfall had hit!

It took me two hours to get home! After the drive, and the slid off cars, and watching some lady slide right into a tree, I was frazzled. I took a nap, and then I did what any Wisconsinite-transplant-Michigander would do! I went skiing!

If I can't go dirt road riding, I'll go dirt road skiing!

Blazing trails in my backyard!

Off I go!

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