Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Moving Day (or week!)

We have moved into the perfect little cottage on the lake! We are fixing it up room by room (it doesn't take long because the rooms are so tiny ;) but when we finish each room I will give you a tour! We will start with the dining room probably because it's the one that's closest to being done!

I also have to unpack the camera, too...so you'll have to wait until I find it!

Today was my first day of real life in the house...yesterday wasn't real life it was a trip to ikea, a trip to Ohio for some lovely things, and a trip to Detroit for the last of the stuff, and then a LOT of unpacking, and a toast to our new (first!) home together.

I woke up early. I had really gotten used to sleeping in until about nine with my job and tiny commute, as well as being on my own. I walked outside to start up my car, wrapped up in my pjamas and JR's heavy barn coat, and it was greeted with the most beautiful sunrise. I walked out my fenced deck, onto the wooden boardwalk, onto the crispy, crunching snow below my feet, around the shed and into my car. It was like summer camp!

Cold, I darted back in, the almost empty neighborhood still blinking it's sleepy eyes. Back in the cabin, I skirted around piles of things destined for the bursting shed, clothes everywhere, and piles of unsorted papers laying around waiting for homes (such are the tribulations of combining households!). JR had started coffee on the stove, the house smelled warm and awake, the day ready for me.

I have a feeling it's going to be nice living out there...Pictures to come soon!

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