Thursday, February 05, 2009

Before and After: The Sewing Room and Dining Room

The rooms of my house are so tiny there isn't much I can do to get a good angle, but I'm trying!

JR and I have spent the last few days puttering around the house trying to put it together. This house is pretty much our dream home wrapped up into one tiny, tidy package - he has a shed in which to tinker, I have a sewing room with LOTS of windows and incredible view (I watched the sun set over a frozen lake today) and there is great cycling near by.

There were some minor problems on the inside, which we were able to fix with a few coats of oops paint...

The sewing room and dining room are each one half of a sunroom. If you imagine an "I" shape, the top of the "I" is a sunroom, the middle part is a living room, and the bottom is a kitchen and bathroom. The two cut outs on the left and the right are the bedroom and the office.

Today's before and after will cover that top of the "I" - the sunroom, divided up into a dining room and sewing room.

We started with this BRIGHT blue wall and lighthouse wallpaper - it's pretty Michigan themed, but it really closed the space up.

Here is my incredible JR taking down the boarder. The paint was even BRIGHTER under the boarder!

We just bought those shelves from IKEA. You can see my sewing lady to the right, as well as my Mom's fancy sewing machine on top of JR's grandma's sewing machine, waiting to be put into place.
Painted the sewing room wall "Antique Lace" - a creme color, and then taped green stripes for me. (I tried but I was getting SO frusterated and decided to take a nap instead!) I went ahead and used the world's tiniest roller to paint the purple in. The purple was $8.00 oops paint! Pretty good for under ten bucks!

Proof that I actually used the tiniest roller ever. Seriously, I did all the stripes, two coats, with that thing!
Here is the paint drying. You can see into our messy, tiny bedroom. You can also see some of the migrating office furniture.
And TA DA! Here is the room all put together. My sewing desk/tiny laptop sits in the corner, with sewing supplies to the right of it, and a reel to reel holding some vases to the left. The modem and router are spread out on the floor. I put the lady in the corner and moved the bookshelves against the wall. They are open enough that the stripes still really show their stuff!

And last, another look at the stripes/shelves!

Here is the view from my sewing room - a lake covered with snow, and the sunset! Beautiful!

On to the Dining room!

There wasn't as much to do on the dining room, we just took the border down and painted it that "Antique Lace" color...the best before picture is from me trying to serve dinner to Jon in that tiny, cluttered room...

My poor, patient JR. Look at that chaos!

First coat of paint, and chaos. There's the antique hutch that the landlord is letting us use. I LOVE it! The table also comes from her, as well as the oil lamps and chandelier. Actually, 99% of the stuff in the dining room is hers...

Finished! First draft...with the table cloth from the South of France.

Another view - this one has the picture of the lady I've had forever, and the valentines day table cloth that JR's mom sent to us! Also, it has some daylight. that room gets BRIGHT!

Next episode of JR and E's home makeover:

JR VS. SLIME!!! Watch him defend our house with only a paint roller!


  1. Oh wow!! I'm sooooo envious of your too cute cottage by the lake, it's gorgeous. You've both done an amazing job, making it into a home and what a view.... ohhh, I want one too.
    I can't wait to see the next episode.

  2. This is so great! I looks like you're having fun being your domestic self.
    When can I come visit?! I'll bring a housewarming gift
    ...AND, my roomate Kara cleaned out her closet and gave me a ton of stuff, so I have clothes for you! Including great pants that I know will fit you, length and all! Get excited!

    I love you! I love Jon! I love Love!
    Soak this all up, best friend.