Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Victor Hugo! He would have been 207 today!

"Certain thoughts are prayers. There are moments when, whatever be the attitude of the body, the soul is on its knees. "

More quotes from this great man all week in celebration of my favorite author's birthday!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Snow Day!

Today I went to engage myself in party politics! I got up for the Hour Drive to the convention at about six o'clock and stumbled out to my car, eyes bleary with sleep. We were expecting a rather large snowfall today, but the snowfall had not hit, and instead I was greeted with a BRILLIANT, beautiful red and pink sunset. I don't usually get up with the sunrise, so I don't get to see many (I'm trying to remedy that...) but this is certainly one of the most beautiful of the handful of sunrises I've seen.

I made it to the convention in good time, registered, and settled in for a long day of politics. We had a GREAT turnout for a day that we were expecting eight to twelve inches of snow! After taking meeting minutes for not one but two caucuses (which involved lots of furious typing and not a few shenanigans) I headed back to South Lyon. By this time, the snowfall had hit!

It took me two hours to get home! After the drive, and the slid off cars, and watching some lady slide right into a tree, I was frazzled. I took a nap, and then I did what any Wisconsinite-transplant-Michigander would do! I went skiing!

If I can't go dirt road riding, I'll go dirt road skiing!

Blazing trails in my backyard!

Off I go!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

How to give a cat a bath...

Here are cat bathing instructions:

First, get into the shower with long sleeves and long pants on...(the brave Mr decided to do the cat washing, I took the pictures and laughed hysterically)
Next, Hand Cat in from over the top of the shower (this way she can't escape ;)

Scrub down with cat-friendly soap...poor kitty is hysterical by now...JR is scratched to bits...

Finally, rinse off the cat!

All done! Thanks honey!

(FYI: we never usually will bathe our cat, however, she came from the shelter smelling, a cat shelter, and it wasn't going away! We decided to give her a bath...)

Friday, February 13, 2009

Scenes from a muddy day...

The snow melted and left high water and ice.

I am thankful that the house is raised off the ground quite a bit!

When we eat in the dining room, it feels like we are in Venice!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another View...

Taken at about 9:30 am, during breakfast.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Backyard.

The sunset on the lake yesterday, reflecting off the melting ice.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Before and After: The Sewing Room and Dining Room

The rooms of my house are so tiny there isn't much I can do to get a good angle, but I'm trying!

JR and I have spent the last few days puttering around the house trying to put it together. This house is pretty much our dream home wrapped up into one tiny, tidy package - he has a shed in which to tinker, I have a sewing room with LOTS of windows and incredible view (I watched the sun set over a frozen lake today) and there is great cycling near by.

There were some minor problems on the inside, which we were able to fix with a few coats of oops paint...

The sewing room and dining room are each one half of a sunroom. If you imagine an "I" shape, the top of the "I" is a sunroom, the middle part is a living room, and the bottom is a kitchen and bathroom. The two cut outs on the left and the right are the bedroom and the office.

Today's before and after will cover that top of the "I" - the sunroom, divided up into a dining room and sewing room.

We started with this BRIGHT blue wall and lighthouse wallpaper - it's pretty Michigan themed, but it really closed the space up.

Here is my incredible JR taking down the boarder. The paint was even BRIGHTER under the boarder!

We just bought those shelves from IKEA. You can see my sewing lady to the right, as well as my Mom's fancy sewing machine on top of JR's grandma's sewing machine, waiting to be put into place.
Painted the sewing room wall "Antique Lace" - a creme color, and then taped green stripes for me. (I tried but I was getting SO frusterated and decided to take a nap instead!) I went ahead and used the world's tiniest roller to paint the purple in. The purple was $8.00 oops paint! Pretty good for under ten bucks!

Proof that I actually used the tiniest roller ever. Seriously, I did all the stripes, two coats, with that thing!
Here is the paint drying. You can see into our messy, tiny bedroom. You can also see some of the migrating office furniture.
And TA DA! Here is the room all put together. My sewing desk/tiny laptop sits in the corner, with sewing supplies to the right of it, and a reel to reel holding some vases to the left. The modem and router are spread out on the floor. I put the lady in the corner and moved the bookshelves against the wall. They are open enough that the stripes still really show their stuff!

And last, another look at the stripes/shelves!

Here is the view from my sewing room - a lake covered with snow, and the sunset! Beautiful!

On to the Dining room!

There wasn't as much to do on the dining room, we just took the border down and painted it that "Antique Lace" color...the best before picture is from me trying to serve dinner to Jon in that tiny, cluttered room...

My poor, patient JR. Look at that chaos!

First coat of paint, and chaos. There's the antique hutch that the landlord is letting us use. I LOVE it! The table also comes from her, as well as the oil lamps and chandelier. Actually, 99% of the stuff in the dining room is hers...

Finished! First draft...with the table cloth from the South of France.

Another view - this one has the picture of the lady I've had forever, and the valentines day table cloth that JR's mom sent to us! Also, it has some daylight. that room gets BRIGHT!

Next episode of JR and E's home makeover:

JR VS. SLIME!!! Watch him defend our house with only a paint roller!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Moving Day (or week!)

We have moved into the perfect little cottage on the lake! We are fixing it up room by room (it doesn't take long because the rooms are so tiny ;) but when we finish each room I will give you a tour! We will start with the dining room probably because it's the one that's closest to being done!

I also have to unpack the camera, you'll have to wait until I find it!

Today was my first day of real life in the house...yesterday wasn't real life it was a trip to ikea, a trip to Ohio for some lovely things, and a trip to Detroit for the last of the stuff, and then a LOT of unpacking, and a toast to our new (first!) home together.

I woke up early. I had really gotten used to sleeping in until about nine with my job and tiny commute, as well as being on my own. I walked outside to start up my car, wrapped up in my pjamas and JR's heavy barn coat, and it was greeted with the most beautiful sunrise. I walked out my fenced deck, onto the wooden boardwalk, onto the crispy, crunching snow below my feet, around the shed and into my car. It was like summer camp!

Cold, I darted back in, the almost empty neighborhood still blinking it's sleepy eyes. Back in the cabin, I skirted around piles of things destined for the bursting shed, clothes everywhere, and piles of unsorted papers laying around waiting for homes (such are the tribulations of combining households!). JR had started coffee on the stove, the house smelled warm and awake, the day ready for me.

I have a feeling it's going to be nice living out there...Pictures to come soon!