Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The off season starts!

This is the "start" of my second season of cycling. It's been a pretty neat ride, and a pretty neat off season too! I took almost three weeks completely off the bike (good, because I'm itching to get on it!) and that same three weeks completely off of exercise (not good!).

I don't think I've ever been so in tune with my body. When I started this thing I sort of just did whatever, muddled along. Sometimes I'd go to the gym, sometimes I'd swim, once in awhile I'd run. Sometimes I'd do a triathlon. I rode my bike a lot because I liked it but I didn't really do it for any particular reason or for any particular goal. I was creeping up on size 8's after having been a 4 or a 6 my whole life. (now you all can buy me pants!)

I decided to start racing after moving in with another cyclist, and dating (now engaged to!) a [ed. note: Jon is still a cyclist, just not a bike racer cyclist. But watch for him in the bloomer track 2009 perhaps!] cyclist. She gave me the motivation and he gave me all his wheels and pedals and stuff...

Anyways, I had no self awareness of my body but by the time august rolled around I knew every little muscle in my legs, I could see the way my body reacted to a three hour race, uphill both ways, or how it reacted to a two hour long easy ride. I could see (and not in that anorexic body inspection way) the way my body looked and felt at it's prime, the definition of leg muscles and my the fact that my ribs came back, in august, and how it worked like a well oil machine, placing well in every race I did, even finishing first a few times.

Now, I've just spent the last few weeks with the worst eating habits of my life. I have literally lived on chips and candy for the past few days, too, while I holed up in my office plugging away at elections. Now that elections are over, though, it's not time to relax for me. I have watched, with an athletes eye, my body degrade. These changes are unnoticeable to anyone besides me, but I feel them and see them - the definition of my calves, while still there is not as striking. I had to let my heart rate monitor strap out a teensy bit. I am not running the six flights of steps up and down the parking garage, instead I am walking them. I have gained a few pounds. While the six's still are loose, I can't pull them down without unbuttoning them any more...

It's time to start building the foundation for next year's racing season, time to wake up those sleeping muscles, get the metabolism going, and start eating like an athlete, not a overworked politico.

I'm so excited!

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