Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Day in the Life...

This is the first thing I see when I open my eyes in the morning - A tangle of bikes. I roll out of bed, brush my teeth, and get dressed, in all my winter stuff.

Not so bright eyed and bushy tailed. I'm tired!

I grab my work bag and my gym bag and head out to the car. I have to drive to work now, instead of walk like I did in MKE...yeesh.

It snowed, so I have to brush off the car, first time this season.

I'm using JR's car, so there's a lot of bumper stickers to amuse the people behind me.

I get in the car and start heading to work.

Early Morning Midtown is quiet since it's a student's neighborhood, being very close to the college.

Get to work where I park by the very cool tree that has lost all it's leaves and none of it's berries. We can't figure out why.

I work for eight hours...which I wisely didn't take pictures of...

Except to show you that we drink starbucks a lot here.

My office is, for the most part, obsessed.

Do you see the tiny elephant hidden in this picture? this elephant is from the zoo trip that JR and I took right before I moved to Michigan.
I drive downtown to the gym by my house...

Park far away and start walking there...passing the People mover track

Stupid advertising graffiti

An abandoned high rise...

I go to spin class for an hour (it's hard to bike here in the D, esp. now that the light is gone. It's not ideal but it gets me pedaling for an hour here and there...) and then to pilates and that eats up most of my evening. Spin class was fine. Everyone did out of saddle climbing and I just sat there and pedaled. I do what I want because spin classes are too intense for where I need to be in November. Pilates class was HARD!!!! I've never had a pilates class that hard in my life. Instead of the usual exercises we had a giant therapy ball incorporated into them and I was flopping all over the place. yeesh.

I get home and wash up and change into my PJs...

Eat a bowl of veggie soup I made, and check out the internet for an hour or so. After that I am tired so I call JR and then go to bed.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Dirt Road Riding!

Joey from The Hub of Detroit and I went out for my second dirt road ride. My first was the Kalamazoo road race. Apparently, there are roads made out of dirt everywhere in Michigan because we only had to drive a half hour or so to find a plethora of dirt roads to wander.

These roads stretch on forever.

We found some strange geologic formations - I love geology! This is an ancient delta we found, from the glacial periods.

Riding bikes makes me happy!

Joey is a great person to ride with - entertaining, doesn't mind pulling into the wind, and rocks his cross bike. This guy bunny hopped an interstate. Seriously! I witnessed it myself.

Oh....so that's where it ends! What now???

The off season starts!

This is the "start" of my second season of cycling. It's been a pretty neat ride, and a pretty neat off season too! I took almost three weeks completely off the bike (good, because I'm itching to get on it!) and that same three weeks completely off of exercise (not good!).

I don't think I've ever been so in tune with my body. When I started this thing I sort of just did whatever, muddled along. Sometimes I'd go to the gym, sometimes I'd swim, once in awhile I'd run. Sometimes I'd do a triathlon. I rode my bike a lot because I liked it but I didn't really do it for any particular reason or for any particular goal. I was creeping up on size 8's after having been a 4 or a 6 my whole life. (now you all can buy me pants!)

I decided to start racing after moving in with another cyclist, and dating (now engaged to!) a [ed. note: Jon is still a cyclist, just not a bike racer cyclist. But watch for him in the bloomer track 2009 perhaps!] cyclist. She gave me the motivation and he gave me all his wheels and pedals and stuff...

Anyways, I had no self awareness of my body but by the time august rolled around I knew every little muscle in my legs, I could see the way my body reacted to a three hour race, uphill both ways, or how it reacted to a two hour long easy ride. I could see (and not in that anorexic body inspection way) the way my body looked and felt at it's prime, the definition of leg muscles and my the fact that my ribs came back, in august, and how it worked like a well oil machine, placing well in every race I did, even finishing first a few times.

Now, I've just spent the last few weeks with the worst eating habits of my life. I have literally lived on chips and candy for the past few days, too, while I holed up in my office plugging away at elections. Now that elections are over, though, it's not time to relax for me. I have watched, with an athletes eye, my body degrade. These changes are unnoticeable to anyone besides me, but I feel them and see them - the definition of my calves, while still there is not as striking. I had to let my heart rate monitor strap out a teensy bit. I am not running the six flights of steps up and down the parking garage, instead I am walking them. I have gained a few pounds. While the six's still are loose, I can't pull them down without unbuttoning them any more...

It's time to start building the foundation for next year's racing season, time to wake up those sleeping muscles, get the metabolism going, and start eating like an athlete, not a overworked politico.

I'm so excited!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

A little.update here and there....

It's GOTV weekend.

In my job, this means I have already put in many, many hours to prep for elections. I have not been outside in over a week. I mean, I've walked to my car from my house, and also from my office to the car, but it's just not the same. There have been some days where I've had breakfast lunch and dinner here. I haven't been on my bike since October 17th, they day before I got too busy to ride my bike.

I know this is all part of my job, so I'm not complaining, but I am out of shape! My season starts the 17th but I'm thinking that I need to start building base november 6th.