Friday, October 10, 2008

Oh! Canada.

I went to Canada to ride my bike yesterday! The closest mountain bike trail to my house is actually in Canada, 6.5 miles away.

Canada, also known as America's Hat, is an entirely different country. They say "aboot" and everything is half in French and half in English.

This is what Canada sees when it looks at us. Lots of buildings.

There are many native species, including the rarely seen Canadian Geese. I was lucky to catch this flock resting by a fire hydrant in the wilds of Canada.

I was a novelty in Canada, and they all wanted to take pictures with me, the strange girl from Canada's Pants, otherwise known as the United States of America.

Luckly, I wanted to take pictures of them, too. See the maple leaf on his jersey? That means he's a real Canadian. I am not doing a good job of being American, because I am wearing the national colors of Belarus, also known as America's cufflinks.

After schmoosing with the Canadians for awhile, they all lined up for a race!

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