Tuesday, October 21, 2008

No Spending For Nov. and December.

Several blogs I read are embarking on a no spending challenge from November 1st to January 1st. (Yes, that is the holiday season!) The original person who proposed the challenge did it because of grocery reasons, but I want to do it because of more personal fiscal reasons – I already don’t spend much outside of what is budgeted. JR and I were calculating my cost of living last night and it comes out to roughly 10 hours of work a week, if I can find a job that pays 10/hr. That’s cheap!

I don’t have any debt so everything goes to savings in my case, but I wonder if I can make it through the holiday season without spending money on…frivolous things. I want to have an extra 500 in savings, other than what I’m on track to have, by the end of November…

Here is what I can spend money on:

Rent - It's cold in winter in Michigan! I don't want to live outside.
Electric - I'd also like that heater to turn on.
Internet - I have to work at home sometimes
Gas/Car Maintenance - I have to get to work...and at 200K+ Miles I change the oil a LOT
Groceries - I am in a temporary living situation so I can't stockpile at all. Otherwise I'd have to move a TON of food. I don't really have the ability.
Travel Expenses to WI/TN - I have to go home for Christmas and I'm heading to Tennessee to meet the rest of JR's Family. This is HUGE for us. The reason will be announced later.
Athletic needs - (IE: Shoes, insoles, not that heart rate monitor I’ve been eyeing!) This is a huge part of my life and will continue on despite not spending. I refuse to A) put myself at risk of injury because of a lack of good equpiment and B) Stop simply for this challenge.

I'm not sure how I'm going to swing Christmas this year. I usually opt out of the obligatory gift card exchange with my cousins, happy to just spend time with them, but I try to make things for my family. I've finished my dad's gift and am working on my sisters/mom's gift. I usually buy for my brother because he gets a very specific thing every year. Maybe I can get them done by the end of the month...another reason to try!


  1. "The reason will be announced later."
    Hmmm..... wooonder what it could be ;)
    Good luck with the challenge, though I don't think you'll need it!

  2. I really admire you, Elizabeth! I think this is great. I'm trying to get back on track and start a budget. It's not easy! But I don't really buy much stuff anyway, except it's sooooo hard to resist fabric and yarn. Oh man, it's hard. I'm already thinking of Christmas presents because I want to try and make most of them this year if I can. I'm scheming up some knitting projects and a few other things. Hm... So I need to plan out how much everything will cost and start now otherwise it won't get done! Ahhh...so much to do this time of year! But I'm already feeling cozy thinking of the wool yarn.... ;-)

  3. reason later?!?@?!@?
    very curious

  4. Shawn - You'll just have to wait!

    Anna - I'm totally working on Christmas gifts starting this Sunday after my Run...I'm just making my sister's gift. Ugh! I want to knit SO BAD!!!! I should just go ahead and try it. I can knit, but I can't pearl.

    Snacks/Katie - I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm frugal in the worst/best way.