Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Home Organization Binder - A Novel!

Someone asked for me to put up photos of my Home Organization Binder. I know mines not the prettiest in the world - I don't have a color scheme or theme or anything, but it is fabulous to have, and keep me very, very organized and on task. I also have the advantage of having a lot of important Home stuff in one place...

My Home Organization Binder is actually three parts:

The first part is a simple Planner. For this I use the slingshot Planner. I love the creativity and Love that goes into this planner and I think this is the third or fourth year I've gotten one. I used to have this cute little Kate Spade planner but this one is a lot cheaper, at 15 dollars, vs. the 300 dollars the Kate Spade One Cost...

I record birthdays, appointments, reminders to do things, pretty much everything you can think of here...I even write down when I have to send out certain pieces of mail (that I write in advance) so they get there on time!

The Second part is my Training Journal. This is the Journal for everything that has happened. Race Reports, Ride reports, notes on how fast and far I went, I write down what hurts, what's going right, what broke on my bike, how many miles are on a certain set of tires, if I crashed, and so on...Every bit of training, even cross training, is recorded in as much or as little detail as I want. You can see the difference - the left side is a printout of a long race report I wrote for this blog, and the right side is the few rides that followed. You can see I'm having problems with my wrist at that point...You will later see that anything that needs to happen is in the binder part.

The Third Part is the Binder itself. These three object sit on a desk in my room together, or they go into the backpack when they are needed. The training journal is left home the most, then the notebook, and the planner comes out with me the most.

The binder is a simple target binder - I made this with things found around my house, at no cost to me.

The first thing you see is the budget! This is my handwritten budget , which you can usually find typed up in my other blog ;) I keep this on here to remind me what needs to happen, and keep me on track. It's easy reference as well, so I make sure I complete all those things.

I then have two plastic folders. These folders hold different things. The first one is a Grocery one and the second is Finance.

The Grocery one has Uncut circulars, My Coupon sorter (just a little index card holder with four pockets - Health and Beauty, Dry Goods, Other Groceries, ETC), scissors, pens, the current menu and my old menus. Each menu comes with a complete grocery list and price list of the items I purchased on there, so I keep them to reuse.

The second one is a finance folder. This has anything that needs to go to the bank, or get sorted - unpaid bills get stashed in here, mcl cash or rebates that need to go to the bank - anything with money. This is very empty right now since I'm caught up on bills!

The next thing in here is the Emergency contact sheet. I can't remember where I downloaded this one but if I find the link tomorrow I'll go ahead and update!

After this sheet I have my morning and evening routines...Please notice that I didn't do anything fancy for this! I just went ahead and took some scrap paper (that's why everything is on the right...each page has been re-used so the backs are already full!) and wrote what I needed to write down! I didn't even hole punch it, I just jammed the paper into the binder. IT DOESN'T NEED TO BE PERFECT! It just needs to function. I think we forget that in many situations and cause ourselves more frusteration than we need!

After that I have my weekly schedule. This is already outdated when it comes to the biking part - It's my off season! The meal planning and writing and laundry days are the same though...

Then I have my monthly cleaning schedule. I have four "zones" and I go by numerical days. So, every fifteenth, for example, I clean out the bathroom cubboards. At the 7th day (or more, some weeks) I have a "buffer day." This is the day I go back and do anything I happened to miss that week - I didn't clean the cubboards today, since I worked until nine, but I have a day to go back and fix that.

I have a page (not shown) of how to make home-made cleaning supplies. Any time I hear a new recipe I jot it down in this page. We only use baking soda, simple green, vinager, and other things that are edible/drinkable to clean with here...Makes me feel healthier!

I have a page to write down things I'd like to improve on my home. You can see the sidebar is people I admire. People flocking here from LLNOE, Dave Ramsey is on there...I may not agree with him politically but he's a common sense man! Other people listed are Eric Liddel, My parents, and My grandpa. there are more but I haven't had a chance to write them down yet.

Next I have a page of Phone Numbers, not listed here for obvious reasons!

After this I have what I call "the write list," again not shown here for obvious reasons - This is a page of adresses of people I write to frequently, as well as a tally besides their names listing how many times I've written to them. I like to be fair and equitable ;)

After this I have a page of Birthday and Anniversaries to remember:

Next, I have a start of a guest list...wonder what that could be for?!? This is also not shown for personal reasons...

Then, I have a list of account names for things that I rarely use. Again this is not shown

After this comes the "training section. This has first a master training schedule, printed as often as I update it. Right now this is my tenative '09 plan that has all the races I'm going to do and how to get to them and peak. This is the future planning part of being an athlete! I got this template from Joel Friel (I believe) and use it as a rough guide to getting me where I need to be. My training year is Nov 17th to Nov 17th...I don't know what states I will be racing next year so I just took guesses on what I need to do. I'll be updating this as the 09 schedules come out, and putting a new one in.

Next I have a very basic marathon training plan for the Little Rock Marathon. I'm not sure if this is the marathon I'll be running but for now I'm sticking to it, to be updated when I finalize what marathon I'll be running early next year.

The last picture I have to show you is of some basic blank calenders. I write the planned week's training plan in these. Every Monday, when I do my meal planning/financial planning/the rest of the planning, I also sit down and figure out what sort of training schedule I need for the next week taking into account my health, what races I'm doing, where I should be in the season, and of course, my personal life.

Second to last, I have all my old budget plans.

Lastly, I have my current bank statements.

And that, darlings, is my messy but functioning home management notebook!


  1. Wow! That is great! I love that you just hand wrote things out. I always get caught up in the perfectionism of things and then nothing gets done!

  2. I do flylady, too! But don't have a control journal...yet. I just have some post-it notes in the bathroom.

    Check out my "Swish & Swipe" video on YouTube:

    You have inspired me to get one together this weekend.

  3. Thanks so much for putting this up. I am inspired. I am going to gather my things, print out a few blank calendars and get going. Again, thanks.

  4. I am demoralized! It feels to me like you are actively living while the rest of us are just being swept along!

  5. Anonymous1:58 PM

    Holy cats Honey!
    I can hardly believe it! I am still working on getting the dishwasher loaded/unloaded in a timely manner. lol

  6. Anonymous1:59 PM

    oops, that was me (Mom). Love ya!

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