Saturday, September 06, 2008

Things I miss about France

1) Alone time with my sister.
2) Lovely looking people, even the worst dressed still dress a lot better than here, it seemed to come naturally. Fashion inspiration everywhere and the ability to buy knockoffs for 5 euros just about anywhere so you can get the season's look at a low low price. And the seasons turn over fast, despite what they say about french women buying a few nice things and wearing them to death. They do that with the basics and add the trendy stuff on top of it.
3) Acceptance of personal maintenance. France is a shrine to upkeep and loveliness of self. Here in the states it's considered an extravagance. I guess that's what comes from being from "pioneer stock."
4) History EVERYWHERE. Breathing it in. Really, really old history. Not history like "this two hundred year old house, blah blah blah, but roman ruin history.
5) Nan.
6) Sam and his stories. Especially the one about the graveyard. I have to throw in Shakespeare and Co here, too.
7) Public transportation
9) It's warmer than Wisconsin
10) The feeling of being an ex patriot.

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