Wednesday, September 03, 2008

MRI and no riding.

I haven’t been on my bike in a week and two days. I won’t ride again tonight though I will probably put the road bike together and try for a group ride on Thursday after work if I can find one around here. I think the Wolverines have one leaving out of somewhere close to work.…

I haven’t been on my bike because the doctor thinks I tore tendons in my wrist so I can’t do much on my mountain bike and I don’t want to crash and tear them further, and the road riding here sucks and is a 2.5 hour drive away.

I also went to Milwaukee last weekend and hung out with my good girlfriends and of course JR.

I had an MRI last night which was an experience and a half. They actually required me to check in to the hospital, giving me scrubs and a hospital bracelet. I was stretched out superman style on this board which they loaded into the giant machine and I had to sit perfectly still. I wanted to just take a nap but the durn machine was so loud with all it’s clicking and grinding that I wasn’t able to sleep. My whole body and arm went numb from lying so still strapped down like that.

I drove home and went straight to bed I was so tired.

The Kwame Kilpatrick hearing is on tv, live. What a debacle! It does make for boring TV.

I want peanut M&Ms…I’m getting some on my way home, when I get my oil changed.

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