Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dare I Dream the Impossible?

I'm lining up my goals and races for next season (early, I know, but I hate being late for anything!) One of the ones that I put was "drop a minute off my 5K time" which is a tall order, but considering I dropped 3:20 off my time this year from last year I believe I can shave sixty seconds off of my time. I went from running almost ten minute miles, never hitting under 30 minutes in a 5K ever in my life to a steady 26:40 in what some people consider a difficult race (I run it, and only it, every year so I'm not sure what a different race would be like...).

I saw that racing at one minute less would put me in a 25:40 slot or under. Noticing how close that was to twenty five minutes, I revised my goal and put "run a sub 25 5k."

Do I dare disturb the universe? This is something that is HUGE for me, coming from the girl who ran 30+ Minute five Ks consistently for, oh lets see...7 years. That would be, in a matter of two years, 5+ minutes off my 5K time.

So, I'm shooting for that, along with some other things, not yet revealed, for next years athletic endeavors.

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