Monday, August 11, 2008

I'm a Michigander?


A moment to sit.

I’m settled now, having finished a majority of the things that come with moving far enough away that you are out of your previous cell phone providers coverage. I have a bed. I have sheets. I’m not living in a scary crackhouse. I got a cell phone this weekend. I have raced my bike, on a team, found a group ride and a group of friends to hang out with on the trails…I’m officially moved to Detroit.

I feel a little bit settled here but I know this is not permanent. I only have three and a half months left. When I left for Michigan it seemed like my entire life was going to be spent in Detroit, but now that I’m here I feel temporary. I can’t settle. The next place I go is already calling.

Anyways, I am now riding with the Tree Farmers on their very chill Tuesday night rights out at Novi. I raced with them, and you can see a video someone put together out there here:

Someone started calling me “Milwaukee” out there and the name has stuck. Whenever I refuse to do the crater or fall over trying to climb up something I hear a tirade of “Awww ‘cmon Milwaukee!” from the sixty or so people I’m keeping behind me because I’m slow and don’t corner well. Oy. At least I rep my city good. I’m still in that state where my skills are improving hugely each time I go out. I get logovers I haven’t done before, manage climbs, go down hills that scared me. I even went down a bunch of concrete steps the other day.

My lovely JR came out to visit. We are on an every other week visitation schedule. He arrived late Friday night and left midway through the day on Sunday, so it was a short, short visit. I took him to Novi on Saturday morning, where we played around in the park. I had as many “do overs” as I wanted and he went ahead and bent his large chain ring on a logride thing.

We then went all over creation searching for a pair of outdoorsy sandals that were made in the US. Finally, we found Chocos which are made in Colorado. Neat! I was able to buy sandals and not compromise my values! And I can take them in rivers and stuff.

We went and got a cell phone on Sunday for me. I got the cheapest plan I could possibly get, and went with AT&T because they are union. Yep. Values. Then he went home. I almost cried but I didn’t. I did laundry instead, and hung my socks and underwear up neatly on the clothes line. I’m excited to get my tiny washing machine. Oh man, you have no idea.

I think I’m going to race this weekend. There’s a race halfway between Kalamazoo and Battle creek, about two hours away. I’m thinking I may do a weekend thing of solo camping. I don’t have a tent or a sleeping bag or a flashlight out here, so I’ll put the call out for a tent to borrow, otherwise I’ll be finding the cheapest tent I can possibly find (things are starting to go on sale now, I’ve noticed, now that the seasons are changing in retail) and taking some blankets and stuff. I may just go after work on Friday. I need a respite from the city and some twenty odd hours of cycling in three days because I get two hours in a week if I’m lucky.

I feel like I’ve spent SO MUCH MONEY here though, so I’ve pretty much cut myself off from buying anything that will not help me in the next move. So things like a tiny hand crank washing machine is a yes yes yes and new clothes and sunglasses are a no no no.

It’s time to move on from this epic, Michigander blog post. More later. You don’t know the half of the Michigan adventures I’ve been having, and there’s no way to write them down. They Involve Illegal left turns and police officers, crackhouses, compost piles, the missoula oblongata, crumbling houses, goats, and so on.

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