Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saturday is Always Busy!

This weekend is crammed with things to do. I’m blissfully busy.

This morning I pulled myself out of bed at about 8:30 to go to an antique fair located at state Fair Park. It wasn’t very crowded which was blissful and not stressful as those things can be sometime, and I had to be the youngest person shopping there by a good thirty years. The pricing varied from booth to booth – some booths had items costing thousands of dollars and other booths had bins you had to dig through to find what you wanted. I really enjoyed the latter sort more than the former. I want to hunt for my treasures! Then it really makes them special.

I didn’t really find anything huge that I really liked but I got two charming old photographs, a photo album from the ‘teens era, and two tea towels to add to my collection.

The first picture is of a little girl, maybe five or six, standing in a studio. The inscription on the back reads “Lollie L(J?)ulie Gerlaski” What got me about this picture was the face and posturing of the little girl – it looks as though they had tried to pose her but she was so excited about her dress that she had to keep tugging on it, shuffling around.

The second picture is of a mother and her baby. The baby is propped up by his mothers arms (this baby looks like a boy to me for some reason!). This picture is so simple and beautiful. I hope they loved each other very much for the rest of their lives and that they both were happy for a very long time.

The third thing I picked up is a photo album with a whole bunch of pictures. I love anything that gives me historical clues about someone’s life before. These seem to be snapshots of someone in their teens and early twenties as none of the people in the album seem to be over the age of twenty five. The style of clothing in the book ranges from the late ‘teens to the early twenties. The majority of the pictures are easily traced to the teens era, though. The 1920’s clothing seem to be hastily pasted in there in around pictures.

I love the fact that this album has people dressed in casual clothes. There are quite a few men in their long swimming suits, ladies in simple skirts and blouses, obviously goofing off or doing things like hanging out the wash. There are many pictures of people in front of gardens and some funny shots of grown men in baby carriages and second story chicken coops. This book seemed to belong to a lady who had two very devoted friends. There are pictures of the three of them picnicking, gardening, attending random events (All I know is there is a line of model A’s in the backround of some pictures) swimming, and taking care of their kids, and boating. What active ladies! It seems to constitute a summer in these three women’s lives.

I also bought two tea towels. They are pretty but not nearly as interesting!

The afternoon brought Art Vs. Craft. I packed my car with my friends Emily and Bridgette and then we picked up emily’s brother. Art vs. Craft was held at MSOE this year- years previous it had been held at turner hall which had better atmostphere than this particular place. Everyone was spread out and it seemed sort of empty. I did keep running into everyone I knew though! So many people went to art vs. craft, it was like a family reunion. I also ran into the guy I had my worst first date with.

I didn’t see much that I really wanted to purchase – a lot of it was stuff I had made before, wouldn’t have found a use for, or couldn’t afford. The things there were more “art/craft” and I try to decorate more “antique cottage” so a lot of it also wouldn’t have fit into my home. I did end up purchasing one piece for myself – one lady made these beautiful copper etchings and she was selling pendants for a very reasonable price. I fell in love with them and purchased one. I also got something for my Secret Snowflake swap but I’m not telling what ;)

Then, after a short break to make my moms birthday cake and plan my meals for the next two weeks, I headed off to the symphony with Daniel. I had been anticipating it since the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra announced there was going to be a Mozart festival – and they were going to play his Requiem! Mozart’s Requiem is one of the pieces on my “Must hear live” list and I was thrilled to be able to see his final piece.

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra is wonderful. They are so talented, and for this piece they had the Milwaukee symphony orchestra choir, ninety people strong, singing for us. It was beautiful. The requiem was commissioned for the dead wife of a count, and it was slow and sad like grief, strong like sorrow, and quiet like peace. It was a little under an hour long but seemed much shorter than that, the voices of the choir and the soloists running straight from one section to another. The soloists were stellar, especially the soprano and tenor. The man singing bass had an excellent voice but he looked rather queasy on stage.

We sat next to a lovely couple – Daniel was explaining the micing of the hall to me and the gentleman next to us leaned over and asked us how he knew so much. Daniel explained and as it turns out the gentleman was a music theory professor. They had a good talk about the ethics of the music industry today, while I sat there watching the symphony warm up.

After that we went home and I finished decorating my mom’s cake and I went to bed early for a Saturday night!

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  1. I love your old photos! I bet you are right about that being a boy because they used to put them in dresses too! I have one and the little guy looks mad in his lacy white dress.