Monday, November 06, 2006

New Cat!

My Parents got a new kitty! He is soo cute! Here is the email my mom sent us:

Hi Kids!

Today I went to a cat show and it was quite an experience since I have never been to one before. There were cats there from around the U.S. and Canada, all different breeds. And all were exceptionally beautiful and fluffy. Except for the hairless ones.

They had judging of all different kinds of cats. I think is was the ragdoll breed that took best of show.The purebred cat rescue was there too. I had already applied to adopt a cat through them so they had my online application on file. They brought a few cats along, among them a 5 month old male. He was still a kitten - a Norweigen forest cat. I fell in love and brought him home.

He was originally from a breeder and has papers from both of the 2 recognized cat associations, I'm told this is unusual, usually only one recognizes the cat. So he has a better pedigree than I do. One of the judges who knows the breed looked him over and said he was show quality except for 1 flaw. Not noticable unless you pick him up and feel for it. Has to do with his sternum (breastbone), but since we do not show cats it doesn't matter.

He is very pretty with a long, silky coat, white paws and a white "bib". His color is called "blue tabby and white". He is a grayish (blue if you use your imagination) tabby with goldish and white markings and he has a very fluffy tail.

The reason I have so much time to write this even with a new cat in the house is because I haven't been able to catch him. =)I suppose eventually he will calm down especially since this breed usually loves to be petted and held. Eventually he will weigh about 12-15 lbs. so he will be a big boy some day, with lots of fluffy fur. Come on over and see him sometime! You can catch a glimpse as he speeds past.

That's it for now!



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  1. What a beautiful kitty! Congratulations on your new baby! :-)

    From a fellow cat person on MIH